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The Sauna House is an information and purchase point for quality sauna, infrared sauna and steam products at competitive prices. Here you will find a wide range of industry leading sauna and steam equipment manufactured in North America that can provide for any steam sauna room, far infrared sauna or steam bath project. Design and assistance for residential and commercial grade custom sauna and steam rooms are also provided.

The addition of a sauna or steam room to an office or health club makes an exceptional amenity for employees or clients, and there is nothing that provides the kind of luxury and accessibility to such substantial health benefits than far infrared or traditional in home saunas. As you may have already discovered, selecting an appropriate sauna room or steam bath for your residential or commercial space requires careful and informed shopping to ensure that you end up with not only a first-class product, but one that meets both your expectations and personal requirements. This website has been designed to not only demonstrate the quality of the products featured and the manufacturers represented here, but to also provide specific information about the features and characteristics of the different types of sauna and steam units available to help make you a more informed buyer.

The Sauna House is staffed by experienced professionals in the sauna and steam industry that can answer any questions you may have. If you are in need of any assistance with your sauna or steam bath project, please don't hesitate to call or email anytime. Learn More About Us

Sauna Heaters

A strong and reliable sauna heater is the heart of any home or commercial sauna. Heating element type, construction material and design features are all very important considerations. Here you will find gas, electric, wood burning and infrared sauna heaters to suit every application.